Woodlene is a first-generation Haitian-American currently in Brooklyn, NY. Born in Stamford, she is the youngest of three siblings. Growing up, Woodlene quickly became a curious and unorthodox child in her family, always willing to take risks to further broaden her horizons by seeking out every available opportunity for adventure.  Cultivating her unique imagination into reality, she often creates most opportunities from scratch. Woodlene was a proactive participant in two long-term study abroad programs, one in London-United Kingdom, and the other in Accra-Ghana, West Africa. She successfully completed various projects in Television Production and Journalism, producing promotional study abroad videos for Northeastern University's International Programs Department. 


Upon graduating with a Bachelors degree in Communications with honors, Woodlene was accepted into the highly selective Assistants en France Program with the French Ministry of Education, where she tutored the proper command of the English Language to high school students in the suburbs of Paris. She was also granted the opportunity to intern for the Public Affairs department at the American Embassy in Paris. She returned to pursue a Masters degree in Education via the New York City Teaching Fellows Program and currently holds a professional certificate in Elementary Education grades 1-6.


Today, Woodlene can be seen in major print campaigns, television commercials, and web pilots around the world. She studies with renowned acting coach, Anthony Abeson in NYC and has taken classes at UCB. Whether in educational institutions, appearing in commercials, public relations or writing, Woodlene's overall goal is to entertain and inform the public using innovative perspectives